Cardmaking fun at CJ’s Crafty Workshops

CJs crafty workshops Glynis Bakewell cardmaking

I made some cards last weekend!

I think I did quite a decent job, and our Glynis of CJ’s Crafty Workshops came up with some fabulous designs for us to create.

Two and a half cards made within the session from 10 – 3.30 was a stunning achievement, although I did have a little help from a friend. I realise now just how slow I am making cards. I’m pretty sure someone else whipped up 4 cards in that time. How? Outrageous cardmaking shenanigans going on there for sure.

Here’s a rundown of some of the elements I needed to make to create these cards. I learnt a little along the way – aren’t we always learning?

  • Rule Number 1 of Cardmaking: make sure you bloody well measure up first. Don’t measure up first and you will undoubtedly screw up something along the way. But that leads to…
  • Rule Number 2 of Cardmaking: If you fuck it up, make it up. Just wing it – no-one will notice, let alone care. You made a beautiful card! Who gives a shit if it’s 3 inches shorter than it should have been?

Abide be these rules, and all will be well in the card making universe.

flowers diecutting heat embossing

If there are flowers on a card, make them first. I find that firstly, it’s probably the most time-consuming bit so can help you figure out how long you’ll be toiling away. You can also trance out if you’re layering up – it’s quite a nice state of mind to be in. But also, it gives you time to think about what on earth you need to do to create the rest of the card. Love a bit of thinking time!

CJs crafty workshops Glynis Bakewell cardmaking

Leaves! I love leaves, and these are lovely and popped out of the dies very easily. You can never have too many leaves on a card, right?


At this stage, this all looked marvellous and the lovely Claire cut these pieces out for me. Because I was so slow ha ha!

CJs crafty workshops Glynis Bakewell cardmaking birthday wishes

Think carefully how you’re going to glue fiddly scripty texts to your card – it can be a nightmare. I decided on some tacky glue with quite a wide nozzle. Wrong choice, Lou Lou, wrong choice.

matting layering birthday wishes

Did you see Rule Number 1 of Cardmaking? Well – trust me, those massive pink borders shouldn’t have been massive pink borders. Whoops – rookie mistake!

bow wave cardmaking

It’s That Folder again (well technically, That Wave!) It will never die.

matting and layering cardmaking

Matting and layering, do love a bit of that. I even gutted and mitred – go me!

stamping background stamp

This stamp was amazeballs – looked fab with white embossing, even if I did a terrible job using the Tim Holtz stamping platform and ended up with something resembling a magic eye picture.

bow cardmaking

Bows! The die set for this looks weird, but the end result is amazing. Bows have never been so easy to make.

hows that folder that wave

I had to hold those bows down for eternity until the tacky glue dried. Would have been easier with the silicone stuff had I not used it all making llama masks. Damn you, llama mask!

CJs crafty workshops Glynis Bakewell cardmaking

Gorgeous card – think this was my favourite of the session. I’m still resisting the urge to buy a heat gun. Methinks I’ll end up spending a fortune on embossing powder :/

beer pint cardmaking male card

Beer! I don’t even drink beer, but blimey was it fun to colour in with Claire’s new snazzy pens. I need new pens! Nothing wrong with my old ones, but I NEED NEW PENS!

The finished article – I forgot to use the embossing folder on the backdrop there, but I was rushing like mad on this one. Loved coating the beer glass in Glossy Accents, that was way too much fun 🙂

You can find out more about CJ’s Crafty Workshops here – throughout the week and monthly on a Saturday in Stockport. Loads of card designs to make, and lots of friendly, experienced card makers on hand to help out. Happy crafting!

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