When Watership Down meets Easter

General Woundwort Watership Down

General Woundwort just needs a hug

*Like Art Garfunkel’s Bright Eyes? Put the sound on and play!*

Easter is fast approaching, and I’ve now got my cardmaking head on, thinking of what creative things I could do – in my own style – to mark the occasion. I’m not one to send Easter cards – I barely even manage to send Christmas cards, let alone keep on top of birthdays – but I like to make an exception if it involves lashings of silliness. And horror, blood, guts, evil, etc. You know, all the things that keep me entertained.

So the thought of Watership Down crossing with Easter had the obvious result of General Woundwort being the Easter Bunny. Would you want chocolate eggs if this guy was delivering them? More like you’d be laying chocolate eggs if you woke up to find this nasty bunny hunched over your bed. And you wouldn’t want to eat those; no, no, no.

Ah, General Woundwort, the evil bunny that’s so misunderstood. He had a tough life as an orphan, tormented by one of the thousand. Although I don’t suppose every orphan then turns into a murderous megalomaniac, so maybe we should reign in the pity on this one.

The lasting impression of Watership Down for me, is the introduction ‘fable’ by the late John Hubley, the original director. Catch it on YouTube – it’s a real eye-opener, very much of its time. There’s a new Watership Down mini-series coming soon – I wonder if it’ll carry the same impact of the original.

Dead bunnies 🙁

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