What do you want to do today, Louise?

alien reptile face paint tutorial snazaroo

Become an alien reptile. Obviously.

Kinda suits me, but I always knew green was my colour.

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facepaint alien reptile

So I started off by popping on this jazzy little number: my daughter’s swim cap. To go swimming, you say? Not a chance, I say!

If I’m going to cover myself in glue and loo roll, I’d better make the job of extricating that mess a little easier. Mod Podge in the hair is not good. NOT GOOD.

facepaint alien reptile

There we go… is it an alien, or a reptile? Reptalien? Alitile? Who cares. It’s a creepy green monster thing that was fun to create.

Is it just me or do I bear more than a passing resemblance to Tim Booth? I do, don’t I?

face paint alien reptile tutorial

Wax on. Wax off. It really did feel like I’d waxed my face when I started to peel this hideous mess off. I still have eyebrows, so that’s a bonus.

facepainting alien reptile swim cap


facepainting alien reptile

My second shower of the day. I’ve never been so clean, wooo!

Still not watched the video? It’s sat on YouTube waiting for you now!

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