Cheesefest 2018 is almost upon us

Cheesefest 2018

Cheesefest is coming to Manchester!

What the actual…?

There is a cheese event in Manchester. It’s like all my sweetest (and savoury) dreams rolled into one. Amazing. Phenomenal. Where’s my thesaurus? I need new words to help describe this.





There we go, that feels better.

I’m not someone who spends their free time burning calories down the gym, or anything else that might constitute exercise. You know, like walking anywhere. I like to really relax with a TV dinner tray parked next to me, filled with a delectable cheese board, cranberry sauce, red onion chutney and some flavoursome crackers and biscuits. Hell. Yes.

Unfortunately, I now realise I’m fully booked on the Cheesefest weekend. Noooo! 🙁 This is unprecedented, as I deliberately tend to have fuck-all to do on a weekend. So I’ll have to park that dream until next year, and console myself with a massive cheeseboard and some tasty preserves. I guess it’s not so bad after all…

Cheesefest 2018 Manchester

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