World Book Day 2018 – I’m having flashbacks

World Book Day 2018: I’m having flashbacks

March 1st is closing down fast – so time to start thinking about themes. I approach WBD with much the same attitude as the school Easter egg competition: with an unnecessary serious streak.

The event is a clear excuse to wear something ridiculous and get creative in a Blue Peter fashion (as I always love to do). A bit like Halloween, or even Christmas-themed silliness. Here, I am Bernard (from the brilliantly dark David McKee children’s story, Not Now Bernard) and Mr Gum. ‘Twas quite liberating dressing as Mr Gum and walking up the street knowing I looked batshit but completely unrecognisable at the same time. Sadly, the cushions-up-my-t-shirt nearly did me in – boy was it hot in there, not helped by the two bald caps and ridiculous beard I was sporting.

As for Bernard… well, I forgot that vinyl doesn’t stretch in the same way as a cotton tee, and it certainly put a strain on things!

Good to see Oi Goat! in the £1 book collection for 2018. We have quite the soft spot for Oi Frog! in our house, and this is written in a similar vein – recommended.

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